Did you know you might be paying for a service you don't even use?

If you've paid for a bank account that included benefits you did not want, couldn't use or didn't need, you could claim back these amounts in compensation. 

and did you know ...

  • You could be spending hundreds of £££ a year on your bank account.
  • Thousands of complaints have been made regarding mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts
  • Compensation has been estimated to run into the billions
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Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the UK pay a monthly fee for their bank account?

Did you know you could be one of them?

You’ve probably overpaid for a service before. The annual gym membership you only went to twice, or that exorbitant coffee? However if you’re overpaying for a service you never agreed to use in the first place – that’s a different story. You deserve your money back.

Bank accounts with other benefits sold into them are called Packaged Bank Accounts, and include added extras such as:

recognise any of these perks?

Phone insurance
Travel insurance
Breakdown cover
Health insurance
Overdraft perks
Will writing

Did you know that if you ...

    • weren’t eligible for these benefits
    • didn’t realise you were being provided with all of these
    • were pressured into paying for them
    • did not want or need them

...then you may be able to

Claim this money back

If you were mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account, the costs can add up quickly, and I will help you try and get this money back.

With my help, people have claimed back over £1000

I’ve claimed back hundreds of thousands of pounds for mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts and helped thousands of people. 

Mr Bell

"Very straightforward, no complications"

Final Payout: £1,249*

Mr Bell
Mr Blackborow

"Pleasantly surprised"

Final Payout: £1,932*

Mr Blackborow

Of course the money matters, but it’s also the principle. As the Payment Professor, I will do my best to help if you were wronged and get back the money that should not have been taken from you in the first place.

how does it work?

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  • We then process your claim
  • If successful, you receive your money back plus interest!

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